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Grand Prix de la Science de l'Alimentation

(created in1990)
It is awarded to an individual, corporation or institution contributing to the improvement of food and nutrition science at an international scale.


  • 2020

    Gregorio VARELA MOREIRAS, Professeur de nutrition et de bromatologie, Spain

  • 2019 José PEREIRA MIGUEL, Professor of Internal Medicine, Vice President of WHO, Portugal
  • 2017

    Marta GARAULET, Nutritionist (Spain)

  • 2016

    José Maria ORDOVAS (Espagne)

  • 2014

    Health and Cooking School (Michel Guerard) France

  • 2013

    Prof. Davide CASSI, Pionnier en recherches scientifiques culinaires (Italy)


  • 2009

    Docteur Valentin FUSTER, cardiologue (Spain)

  • 2006

    Docteur Margaret CHAN, Managing director of the World Health Organization (O.M.S)

  • 2005

    Carlo CANNELLA (Italy) and Ancel KEYS (on a posthumous basis) (USA)

  • 2004

    Soeur Noella MARCELLINO (USA)

  • 2003

    Hervé THIS, Physico-Chimist INRA and Collège de France (France)

  • 2002

    Professsor MAC LEOD (France)

  • 2001

    Bruno VELLAS, Professor oF internal medecine and clinical gerontology, Hospital La Grave, Toulouse, Editor of the "Newspaper of Nutrition, Health and Aging" (France)

  • 2000

    Gregorio VARELA, President of Spanish Foundation of the Nutrition (Spain)

  • 1999

    Robert PARKER, author of the famous Parker Guide (USA)

  • 1998

    Jacques PUISAIS, Président of the Institut Français du Goût (France)

  • 1997

    Michael BROADBENT, Expert Oenologist, Christie's (United Kingdom)

  • 1996

    Professor Luigi TRAVIA, Founder of the Institute of Science and of the Alimentation of the University of Rome (Italy)

  • 1995

    The British Foundation of Nutrition (U.K)

  • 1994

    NESTEC, Nestlé Research (Switzerland)

  • 1993

    Francisco GRANDE COVIAN (Spain)

  • 1992

    Doctor Jean-Marie BOURRE, Member of the National Academy of Medecine (France)

  • 1991

    Emile PEYNAUD, Oenologist (France)

  • 1990

    The International Federation of the Foundation of Nutrition

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