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AIG Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of fifteen members at most; they are proposed by their respective National Academies and elected by the General Assembly for a renewable two-year term.


Four National Academies (Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland) statutorily have one representative on the Board of Directors (see Statutes, 9-1).


Upon the creation of the International Academy (1983), succeeding to Jean Laurens Frings (1984-1985) the Board of Directors was chaired by Michel Génin (1985-1989). His successors were Rafael Anson (1989-1994), Count Giovanni Nuvoletti (1995-2000), Giuseppe dell'Osso (2000-2007), Georges Husni (2007-2013), Jacques Mallard (2013-2017), and Jean Vitaux (2017-2022).


Since April 2022 Fabien Petitcolas is the Executive President.


The Board of Directors meets several times a year. It has extended powers, including oversight of the day-to-day activities conducted by the Executive Committee. It is the sole body entitled to award AIG's Prizes once approved by the General Assembly.


The Board of directors consists of the following members:


De Jure Members (founding Academies, Statutes, art. 9-1)

  • REAL ACADEMIA DE GASTRONOMIA, represented by Lourdes Plana Bellido
  • ACADÉMIE DES GASTRONOMES, represented by Nicolas Kenedi
  • ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DELLA CUCINA, represented by Paolo Petroni
  • ACADÉMIE SUISSE DES GOURMETS, represented by Alexandre Col


Other Academies:

  • CLUB ROYAL DES GASTRONOMES DE BELGIQUE, represented by Fabien Petitcolas
  • ACADEMIA BRASILEIRA DE GASTRONOMIA represented by Enio Pinto Miranda
  • GUILDE DES TERROIRS (France), represented by Jacques Mallard
  • ACADÉMIE LIBANAISE DE LA GASTRONOMIE, represented by Antoine Maamari
  • ACADEMIA MEXICANA DE LA GASTRONOMIA, represented by Alfonso de Robina y Bustos
  • AKADEMIA GASTRONOMICZNA W POLSCE, represented by Maciej Dobrzyniecki
  • ACADEMIA PORTUGUESA DE GASTRONOMIA, represented by Carlos Fontão De Carvalho
  • GASTRONOMISKA AKADEMIEN (Sweeden), represented by Gunnar Forssell
  • ACADÉMIE SYRIENNE DE LA GASTRONOMIE, represented by Georges Husni
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