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AIG and the Media

Press clippings mentioning AIG appear in the AIG’s Press Book which is a compilation of articles, studies, news reports, photos, graphs, statistics, all relating to the action of IAG on gastronomy in the world today.

They reflect lively, multi sectorial, multi lingual information: they are valued for their independence from the agro food industrial groups or professional cooking associations.

They can from time to time fuel debates in the press or on television.


You will find reprints from newspapers from the world over mentioning AIG below.


  • Information Note n°43

    January-December 2021

  • Information Note n°42

    May-December 2020

  • Information Note n°41

    January-April 2020

  • Information Note n°40

    October-December 2019

  • Information Note n°39

    June-September 2019

  • Information Note n°38

    March-May 2019