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Its Scope

  1. Promote healthy, high quality food of gastronomic interest. AIG's actions contribute to the promotion of delectable and healthy food, made with natural and genuine products.

  2. Nurture and enhance the heritage of local cuisines. Regional cuisines, developed over time are part of the cultural heritage of mankind.

  3. Encourage artisan producers in their effort to provide authentic products and help them succeed.

  4. Showcase the talent of genius cooks who play a major role in the necessary renewal of ideas and techniques.

  5. Publicize the importance of gastronomy as a solution to the public health. Indeed, by promoting a healthy and balanced diet, and opposing standardized, unauthentic processed food,gastronomy plays a pivotal role in the fight against obesity.

  6. Support scientific research on food and nutrition.

  7. Support better and earlier education for a healthy nutrition based on tasty and varied products, particularly in primary  schools.  Encourage research on the matter of food and wine pairing. Wine is  an integral part of gastronomy.

  8. Encourage research on matching food and wine. Wines are an integral part of gastronomy.

  9. Highlight the economic importance of gastronomy, particularly in terms of tourism, agriculture and craftsmanship.

  10. Advance general awareness of gastronomy’s rightful statusas an essential component of our culture.
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