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Rules of procedure of AIG

Updated on January 16th 2007.


Article 1:


Those Rules of procedure, bench in accordance with article 16 of the Statutes, are intended to fix the various points not envisaged by the Statutes and, or to specify their application.


Article 2: Bureau


The Bureau is constituted by the persons listed in article 10-2 of the Statutes.
The President designates amongst the members of the Board of Directors for the    management of the Academy:

  • One or more Vice-Presidents,
  • The Treasurer,
  • The General Secretary.


Article 3: Founder President


It is a function for life related to the person of Mister Michel GENIN who created the structures of the Academy, launched its activities and ensured its international development.


Due to his specific position, the Founder President shall not represent any Academy. He shall take part to any meeting of the Bureau, the Board of Directors, and the General Assembly but without any right to vote.


Article 4: Honorary Members and Presidents


The Board of Directors can elect one or more Honorary Members on the proposal of the President of the Academy.


The former Presidents are de jure honorary Presidents.

At any event, when an Honorary President is present, he shall be seated at the honorary table.


Article 5: The General Secretary


Under the authority of the President, the General Secretary shall ensure the connection between the administrative services of the Academy, the members of the Bureau, the Administrators, the national and regional Academies and the honorary members.


He shall sign on the official reports of the Board of Directors and of the General Assemblies meetings.


He shall provide any help to the installation of specific achievements and generally to the development and the geographical extension of the Academy at the international level.


A copy of every mail or e-mail shall be saved for him.


Article 6: The Treasurer


The Treasurer shall check the good keeping of the accounts of the Academy and see to the accordance of the incomes and the expenses with the budget voted by the General Assembly. He shall account for his mission to the General Assembly.


Article 7: Contribution – Resources


7-1- The resources of the Academy are defined in article 4 of the Statutes.


7-2- The members shall pay an annual contribution, the amount of which is fixed by the Board of Directors and submitted to the approval of the General Assembly. However, they can, if they wish it, make a payment higher than their contribution.


The contribution is due on January 1st  of each year. For the new members admitted after September 1st  the contribution covers the following year.


Each member can, at any time, give donations or finance a specific action but neither follow lucrative purpose nor support directly or indirectly any commercial interest.


The Treasurer shall make the necessary recalls for the late members to pay their subscription fee or contribution.


Any member of the Academy can see its rights suspended in case of the non payment of its contribution.


After two (2) recalls, the last in form of a registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery, the member can be suspended temporarily by the Board of Directors, provided that the very next General Assembly meeting shall pronounce or not the radiation according to the article 8 of the statutes.


Article 8: Accounts.


The accountancy is held by the Treasurer under the authority of the President. The Board of Directors shall settle the accounts presented then to the General Assembly.


Article 9: Gratuity of the functions – Expenses


9-1 – The functions of the members of the Board of Directors and of the Bureau are not paid. They can however ask refunding on justification of the expenses engaged by them in the interest of the Academy subject to prior agreement of the President.


9-2 – The Delegate or the Delegates can ask for refunding on justification of all the expenses caused by their functions within the Academy. The agreement is given by the President, and is ratified by the Board of Directors.


Article 10: Change in the Rules of Procedure


The Rules of procedure can be modified on the proposal of the President or at the request of one of the third of the members of the Board of Directors. Any modification will have to be approved by the next Ordinary General Assembly meeting.

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