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AIG Executive Committee

The Members are appointed by AIG President and are confirmed by the Board of Directors (Statutes, Art. 10-2).


The Executive Committee (named in French "le Bureau") implements and carries out the decisions of the Board of Directors.


It supervises daily administration of the Academy (Statutes, section 10.3.2).

It meets at least every four months or more as necessary (Statutes, Article 10-5).


Chaired by the President of the Academy, it includes one or more Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, the General Secretary and one or more members without particular assignment.


The Bureau is currently composed as follows:


President: Fabien Petitcolas (Belgium)


  • Paolo Petroni (Italy)
  • Maciej Dobrzyniecki (Poland)

General Secretary:

  • Naji Chaoui (Syria)
  • Acting: Khalil Sara (Syria)

Treasurer: Jacques Mallard (France)


All members are acting on a non-profit basis. They are independent.

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