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AIG Members

AIG members are exclusively Academies of Gastronomy. AIG does not have individual members. National or regional Academies of Gastronomy apply for membership by sending a detailed application which is examined by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly.


Academies of Gastronomy, members of AIG thirty around the world – account for about 10,000 individuals.


Here is the list of Member Academies by country of origin and under their local names:

Andorra: Academia de Gastronomia de Andorra y Pirineos

Angola: Academia Angolona de Gastronomia

Argentina: Academia Argentina de Gastronomia

Austria: Académie Autrichienne de la Gastronomie

Belgium: Royal Club of Gastronomes in Belgium

China : Chinese Academy of Gastronomy


  • Académie des Gastronomes
  • Guilde des Terroirs

GermanyDeutsche Tafelkultur

Indonesia : Akademi Gastronomi Indonesia

Italy: Accademia Italiana della Cucina

Japan: Japanese Academy of Gastronomy

Lebanon: Académie Libanaise de la Gastronomie

Mexico: Academia Mexicana de Gastronomia

Peru: Academia Peruana de Gastronomia

Poland: Polska Akademia Gastronomiczna

Portugal: Academia Portuguesa de Gastronomia


Sweden: Gastronomiska Akademien

Switzerland: Académie Suisse des Gourmets

Syria: Académie Syrienne de la Gastronomie


  • American Academy of Gastronomy – East Chapter (Florida, New Jersey, New York)
  • American Academy of Gastronomy – West Chapter (California)
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