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International events


  • Feb2005

    Meeting in Castellon de la Plana (Spain): "The 1st International Day of Truffle"

  • Oct2004

    Meeting in Chinon (France) "The Gastronomy and Humanism in Rabelais' country"

  • May2004

    Meeting in Alepo and Damas (Syria): "The Mediterranean cooking"

  • Feb2004

    Meeting in Santiago de Compostela (Spain): "The Olympic Games of the seafood"

  • Jun2003

    Meeting in Milan (Italy) for the Accademia Italiana della Cucina's fiftieth anniversary

  • Jun2003

    Meeting in Western Lapland (Finland): Encounter with Polar Cap Gastronomy

  • Sep2002

    Meeting in Seville (Spain): 4th World Gastronomy and Wine Congress

  • Aug-Sep2001

    Meeting in Istanbul (Turkey): The Bosphorus cooking

    August-September 2001

  • May2001

    Meeting in Stockholm (Sweden): Health and Gastronomy

  • Sep2000

    Meeting in Rome (Italy): The Papacy and Gastronomy

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    January-December 2023

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    May-December 2020

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    January-April 2020

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