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2013 Events

January 27 Paris: Swiss dinner prepared by Dominique Gauthier, Chef at Hotel Beau Rivage in Geneva.

January 28 Paris: Annual General Assembly

January 29 Crissier (Switzerland): Award of the AIG "Grand Prix Exceptionnel" to the three Chefs: Freddy Girardet, Philippe Rochat and Benoit Violier

March 23 Cascais (Portugal): Vincent Farges receives the 2013 AIG Prize "Chef de l'Avenir" (Portugal)

May 7 Paris: Jean Jacques Chauveau, Manager of the "Pre Catelan" is the winner of the 2013  AIG "Grand Prix de l'Art de la Table"

May 17 Paris: The AIG Prize of Gastronomic  Literature (France)  is handed to Philippe Bourguignon for his book "L'Accord Parfait"

May 30 Paris: Laurent Roucayrol, Alain Ducasse Restaurant, is awarded the 2013 AIG "Prix au Sommelier" (France)

June 4-10 France: AIG celebrates its 30th anniversary by organizing  a gastronomic trip to two French provinces, Alsace and  Champagne (brochure in french)

June 27 Copenhagen (Denmark): The 2013 AIG "Grand Prix de l'Art de la Cuisine" is handed to René Redzepi, Chef of Noma. (Information Note n°9)

October 7 Parma (Italy): Award Ceremony in honor of Prof. Davide  Cassi 2013 AIG "Grand Prix de la  Science de l'Alimentation", of Prof. Massimo Montanari 2013 AIG “Prix de la Littérature Gastronomique” (Italy)  and of Dr. Andrea Grignaffini, 2013 AIG "Prix au Sommelier" (Italy)

October 25/27 Barcelona (Spain): the new Mediterranean Branch of AIG is inaugurated

November 9/15 Mexico: A gastronomic and cultural trip is organized for AIG members by the Academia Mexicana de Gastronomia

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