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  • Oct1998

    Meeting in Salzburg (Austria): Good Life under the Cross

  • Nov1997

    Meeting in Beirut (Lebanon): The Eastern Mediterranean and Gastronomy

  • Jun1996

    Meeting in Marbella (Spain): Food and Wines

  • Sep1995

    Meeting in Frankfurt (Germany): The role of the potato in the European Eating Habits

  • Sep1994

    Meeting in Budapest (Hungary): Food Cultural Evolution in Central Europe

  • Apr1994

    Meeting in Nice(France): The Culinary Culture of Southern Europe

  • Oct1993

    Meeting in Parma (Italy): Cheese in the European 'Food Chain'

  • Nov1992

    Meeting in Madrid (Spain): European Gastronomic Week

  • Nov1991

    Meeting in Lisbon (Portugal): Cooking in Portugal

  • Oct1987

    Meeting in Venice (Italy): The Doges Cooking

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