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  • June2018

    Week of the European Gastronomy under the patronage of AIG : - in Brussels (11-13 June 2018) - in Stockholm (13-17 June 2018)

  • 2016 Events

  • october2017

    In the Black Forest (Germany), Automn Trip organized by the « Club Royal des Gastronomes de Belgique » under the patronage of AIG

  • May2017

    Trip to Burgundy organized by the « Académie des Gastronomes » (France). "La Bourgogne Ducale" - Dijon, Beaune and Autun

  • 2014 Events

  • September2016

    Four days of gastronomic and cultural discovery organized by the American Academy of Gastronomy (East Coast) in the city and close suburbs

  • May2016

    The Hellenic Academy of Gastronnomy is the host for a study trip to discover the main food items and wines of the Cyclades archipelago during a stay and visit of the Santorin Island (Greece).

  • 2013 Events

  • September2015

    AIG trip to Poland (more specifically visits of Krakow and Warsaw) organized by the Polish Gastronomy Academy

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  • Information Note n°43

    January-December 2021

  • Information Note n°42

    May-December 2020

  • Information Note n°41

    January-April 2020

  • Information Note n°40

    October-December 2019

  • Information Note n°39

    June-September 2019

  • Information Note n°38

    March-May 2019